All of our products are kept in stock here in the UK. The simple reason so we can provide you with a quick service. Items can be collected from our warehouse and delivered to your doorstep. Saving you on the most important things, time and money.

By keeping stock here in the UK, it keeps logistics simple allowing you to enjoy some quality TIME. We also kick out the middleman by manufacturing and stocking the goods which in turn allows us to provide you a saving. Cutting our own expenses and staying online without having a high street shop puts MONEY back into your pocket.

Along with stocking our products here in the UK, our products are also made here in the UK. This is providing our team with work and giving back to our community. We take pride in manufacturing our products right here in the UK. By keeping manufacturing alive here in the UK gives us deep satisfaction that we can keep traditional skills and crafts that have been honed for years alive and fingers crossed pass these skills onto future generations to come!

To bring you the finest products and have the widest range we must also source products from outside the UK. We appreciate great style, craftsmanship, technology and design wherever it may come from and this is only approved once carefully selected and the finest of measures are taken into consideration so we can offer the best possible service and product to you.