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    How de-cluttering your bedroom can help you get a better night’s sleep

    Whilst the minimalist look isn’t for everyone, sleep experts maintain that for many people, having a clean and tidy bedroom can help you to get a better night’s sleep. A survey by The National Sleep Foundation found that those who made their beds regularly experienced better sleep, whilst those who slept in a clean, clutter-free room, enjoyed an improved quality of sleep too. Your bedroom...
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  2. Wooden beds, Double Beds & Bedroom Furniture

    Sleep easy with the BBC’s Last Tango in Halifax

    Bedz R Us have supplied a bed for the filming of the Last Tango in Halifax Christmas special due to air on 19th December, with the second part broadcasting the next day on the 20th December. The bed supplied to the popular BBC show was the Harmony Buckingham Natural King Size Bed. Made from natural poplar wood, the raised foot end will keep your mattress...
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  3. Bunk beds, Children's beds & Bedroom Furniture

    5 fun ways to upgrade your child’s bedroom

    As children grow up and start to express their own individual personality more, their preferences will change and develop too. If you give their entire bedroom an overhaul every time your child changes their favourite colour or likes a different TV show, things could easily get expensive! So, we have put together some tips on small-scale changes you can make to any kid’s bedroom to...
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    When should you get a new bed?

    A bed is a big purchase. It's one you want to get right, but no matter how perfect your bed was when you bought it, both mattresses and bed frames do wear out. Having a bed that is no longer suitable can lead to poor sleep, contribute to a bad back and general aches and pains. So, when do you need to get a new...
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    How do I get my child to sleep at night?

    For hundreds of years, parents have been asking the same question, and if cavemen had the Internet back then, they would have been googling it too! We go online whenever we want to find an answer to our problems. One question that many new (and not so new) parents struggle with is; ‘How do I get my child to go to bed at...
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    Essential elements for creating the perfect bedroom

    For most of us, the bedroom is the sanctuary of the home; a place to relax, indulge and reflect. Starting with the basics, these are vital in achieving the perfect bedroom. The bed The focal point of your room will always be your bed. It’s in the name, BED room. Picking a bed can be a long and thought-out process, but it...
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  7. Children's beds, Advice & Bedroom Furniture

    5 great interior design ideas for your child's room

    It seems to be a running theme in the Bedz office this week, how can we spruce up our homes, without forcing 12 re-mortgages in the process? Firstly, you need to prioritise. Do you really need a new bathroom suite? Or do you want a new kitchen? Or does your child really need an updated bedroom? Wait, what was that last...
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    The quickest and cheapest way to update your home

    With the doom and gloom of the recession still hanging menacingly over our heads, it’s hard to see how you’ll ever be able to give your home that much needed update. However, redecorating really doesn’t need to cost the earth! We’ve come up with a few money saving tips for rejuvenating that cluttered kitchen, faded futon or boring bedroom! 1.    Clean up...
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    Make a BedzRus bed the hub of your children's bedroom

    As any parent will know, a child's bedroom is no longer just a room for his or her bed. Depending on how old they are, it's also their playroom, games room and entertainment room, not to mention library, craft corner, storage area, computer station, study and a sleepover den! Normally, such multi-purpose usage can only mean one thing: complete chaos. However well you may...
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    Spring is nearly here !

    February seems to have passed us by in the blink of an eye and it will soon be Spring in a matter of days. We are also now stocking a fantastic new range of upholstered beds – have a look for inspiration if you are considering updating your bedroom décor for spring.
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