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    5 fun ways to upgrade your child’s bedroom

    As children grow up and start to express their own individual personality more, their preferences will change and develop too. If you give their entire bedroom an overhaul every time your child changes their favourite colour or likes a different TV show, things could easily get expensive! So, we have put together some tips on small-scale changes you can make to any kid’s bedroom to...
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    Don’t Miss Out On Our Bedzrus’ Black Friday Bonanza

    Don’t worry about getting injured in this year’s Black Friday chaos. We’ve all seen the videos of hordes of crazy shoppers fighting for TV’s and arguing over laptops. This year there’s no need to be up at the crack of dawn, camping outside waiting for the stores to open, as BedzRus are launching some amazing Black Friday deals across all of our products online. You’ll...
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    Can it be possible to hold a stress-free kids' party?

    You don’t envy whichever unlucky parents will be overseeing the next Saturday morning birthday party madness. But as you’re driving your little one to the party venue you can’t help but picture that big red circle on the calendar getting closer.  That’s right… you’re next! For most parents, the arrival of birthday month brings a horrible sinking feeling. You know what happens...
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    Five Ways to Make a Mid Sleeper or High Sleeper Just Right for a Girl

    A girl's bedroom is not just a place for them to sleep. It's also their most precious and private territory, the room in the house they can call their own and let their personality come to the fore. The beauty of many of our bed ranges is that, because of their modular nature, the potential for different styles, colours and themes is endless. A...
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    The Changing Designs Of Bunk Beds

    Traditional bunk beds were simply one bed stacked on top of another, but new designs, materials and styles are available on the market to give you more choice than ever before.
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    Ever considered a metal bunk bed?

    Metal bunk beds are changing the traditional bunk bed design, with many different types and styles available then choosing a childrens bunk bed can be difficult.
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    Save a bundle on beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture!

    If you are looking for a new bed, mattress or bedroom furniture, then the time to buy is now as many of our fantastic products have been reduced in our bank holiday sale!
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    Should I chose two singles, a double or a bunk bed?

    Bunk Beds can often be seperated into two single beds. Bunk beds have a host of other benefits too.
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  9. Bunk beds

    How to use bunk beds to save space in a bedroom

    Bunk Beds. A childrens favourite, becoming castles, shops, dens and anything else a child at play can dream of. Oh, and they save a huge amount of space when accomodating more than one child in a room. Win-win for a change!
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  10. Bunk beds

    Why do children love bunk beds so much?

    Bunk beds are great space saving solutions for many and a firm favourite with children.
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