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    Don’t Miss Out On Our Bedzrus’ Black Friday Bonanza

    Don’t worry about getting injured in this year’s Black Friday chaos. We’ve all seen the videos of hordes of crazy shoppers fighting for TV’s and arguing over laptops. This year there’s no need to be up at the crack of dawn, camping outside waiting for the stores to open, as BedzRus are launching some amazing Black Friday deals across all of our products online. You’ll...
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    Our recommended October half term holiday activities

    Whether you want to find some super scary Halloween fun or to discover some amazing educational museums, there’s tons for you to do as a family to make the most of the half term break.
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    What is sleepwalking and why do we do it?

    Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that can affect people of all ages for various reasons. Bedzrus explore what it is and why we do it.
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    Sleep Hygiene: Our Recommended Resources

    To really get a good nights’ kip, sleep hygiene needs to be high on the agenda. What is sleep hygiene you might ask? it’s a simple set of tips for you to follow to make sure you have a restorative sleep and get the maximum benefits out of your time in the land of nod.
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    Do we really need 8 hours sleep?

    A study by the University of California found the optimum amount of sleep that humans need to function on happily is 6 hours and 25 minutes. Around two hours less than we’ve all been thinking is the recommended perfect amount.
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    How easy is it to assemble my bed?

    At BedzRus, we make every effort to ensure that finding your perfect new bed, and assembling it, is as easy as possible. Although we do not have the facilities available to assemble your bed for you, we do make sure it is delivered quickly to your home and flat-packed in a similar way to something you would buy from major flat-pack furniture retailers. ...
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    What should I do with my old bed?

    Q: Do you take old beds and mattresses away? It’s something we get asked a lot here at BedzRus, and the simple answer, unfortunately, is no. We use an external delivery service to deliver directly to your home, and unfortunately they do not have the facilities to dispose of old furniture. However, if you’ve just invested in a brand new bed, we do...
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