1. General & Rugby League

    BedzRus Half-Time Activity Vote

    Be In With A Chance to Win with the BedzRus Half-Time Activity Vote! Here at BedzRus, as the official digital partner for the Dacia Magic Weekend and the Kingstone Press Summer Bash, we are giving fans the chance to vote for the half-time activity for these two weekends of exhilarating action, whilst also having a chance to win an exclusive rugby league prize. ...
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  2. General & Advice

    What are your tips for a fun family Christmas?

    Christmas can be one of the most exciting times of year - whatever your age! However, it can also be a challenging time for parents as they try to make their family time special, but at the same time keeping the excitement of their child, or children, at manageable levels so that everyone can enjoy themselves. We asked some of the UK’s top parent...
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  3. General

    Bedz R Us sponsorship with the One in a Million Foundation

    Bedz R Us are pleased to announce their partnership with Bradford-based charity, One in a Million. We have recently sponsored two children from the programme in order to help them with their future higher education and employability aspirations. About One in a Million Along with a number of local businesses, Bedz R Us have a longstanding relationship with the One in a Million programme when...
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  4. General

    Clocks going back: 5 ways to enjoy that extra hour in bed

    On the Sunday 30th October, British Summer Time (BST) comes to an end and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) begins. It may come as a surprise to some, but BST was invented by Chris Martin’s (Coldplay) great-great-grandfather William Willett in the early 1900s.
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  5. General & Advice

    How sleep became Fashionable

    There was once a time when people would compete on how little sleep they could get by on
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  6. General

    Bradford City Girls Sponsorship

    BedzRUs are pleased to announce that we are a main sponsor for the under 15's of Bradford City Women’s Football Club.
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  7. General

    Romantic night in | BedzRus

    If it’s a romantic night in that you’re after, it can be difficult to think of fresh, new ideas that you haven’t done a thousand times before. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking for something to do after the kids have gone to bed, or affordable date night ideas to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day with, then you’re sure to find just the thing with us.
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  8. General

    The BedzRus Guide to Creating Romantic Bedrooms

    February is the month of love and it can inspire a lot of people to create romantic bedrooms in their homes. Often this is only a temporary measure for Valentine’s Day though it can lead on from watching a romantic film or looking through home and lifestyle magazines. There are many aspects of your room that need improving to form a more romantic vibe.
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  9. General

    The Ultimate Christmas Guide for Bed Bugs

    Here at BedzRus, we love our beds. Whether it’s a single, a double or a luxurious king size, we just can’t wait to get back and snuggle in! So when it comes to Christmas, we’re all hoping for something to make our bed experience even better.
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  10. General & Advice

    Sleep Apps: How Useful Are They?

    Sleep apps are all the rage these days. If you’re not sleeping well, then the first thing anyone suggests is a sleep app. The idea is that interrupting the “wrong” sleep cycle will mean that you will be groggy when you wake up, so sleep apps will rely on the average person’s sleep pattern to determine the best time to wake the user up.
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