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    How Long Does a Mattress Last?

    How long does a mattress last? It’s a question that is asked all the time - how long should I keep a mattress for, and when should I change it? Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast rule as to when it’s time to ditch your old mattress and invest in a new one. However, when you spend so much time sleeping, it’s important...
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    How to get a better night’s sleep when pregnant

    Pregnancy is an exhilarating experience; a time of anticipation and expectation, an emotional journey like no other. However, it can also be incredibly challenging, especially when it comes to getting a good nights kip! A huge 8 out of 10 women have insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy. All you want to do is chill out on your comfy mattress and...
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    Essential elements for creating the perfect bedroom

    For most of us, the bedroom is the sanctuary of the home; a place to relax, indulge and reflect. Starting with the basics, these are vital in achieving the perfect bedroom. The bed The focal point of your room will always be your bed. It’s in the name, BED room. Picking a bed can be a long and thought-out process, but it...
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    Are you a Night Owl or an Early Bird?

    For some, the mornings are the best time of the day, a moment to rejoice in the peace and quiet of the dawn and ease gently into work. For others however, the morning is for the birds alone, with night-time a far more sensible part of the day to do everything from watching television to putting in some hours in front of the computer. ...
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    Our most popular and best-selling mattresses!

    While choosing the correct size of bed is vital, it's arguably even more important that you select the right mattress. After all, a wrong mattress is often the main reason behind an unsettled night's sleep - and most of the time, we don't even realise it. Here at BedzRus, we have a huge range of mattresses of every size, type and brand. To...
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    Get a fresh new bedroom this new year

    Its that time of year again when everyone is looking to feel healthier and fulfil new years resolution dreams of feeling fresher and improving their well-being. We all know that Sleep is one of the most important elements of having good health and it all starts with a good bed and comfortable mattress. Having a bed and mattress which promotes, rather than hinders...
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    Olympic Inspiration for Beds

    with under a week left of fantastic Olympic events to watch, its a shame to think it will all have to come to an end soon. Organisers are hoping that the London Olympic games will 'inspire a generation' and encourage more sport participation. For sure it's difficult not to want to get involved and we're sure, like us, a lot of our customers have imagined...
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  8. Mattresses

    Trying to decide whether you can afford a new mattress?

    We have some incredible deals on popular Mattresses, check out this King Size Breasley Valuepac Visco 250 King Size Mattress for only £158! With Free next day delivery available - tomorrow night you could be having that restful nights sleep you have been craving for months, if not years!
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    What is the recommend amount of sleep?

    As sleep patterns vary, what exactly is the recommended amount of sleep you should be getting and how can you help to ensure you get the right amount of sleep?
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  10. Mattresses

    SleepZone – A New Concept in Mattresses

    Sleepzone is a new concept in mattress manufacture, unlike a traditional mattress where springs run across the width of a mattress the springs run across the length of the bed which means dramatically less mattress roll.
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