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Cobalt Single Mattress
Cobalt Single Mattress Cobalt Single Mattress Cobalt Single Mattress
Prod no. AJF19601BB111300-2-2-2-1

Cobalt Single Mattress

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A mattress that has been manufactured with the main purpose of increasing your sleeping experience. Cobalt is made of the latest material used for mattress technology. Similar with other high tech mattresses, the extreme flexibility of the Latex and GelFlex forms a mould wrapping around the body while the Reflex Foam keeps the spine aligned. Extreme comfort, pressure release from support points, and freshness is the result for a good night sleep.

With therapeutic properties, you’ll feel well relaxed and vivified after a night’s sleep.


  • 175mm layer of reflex foam
  • 25mm layer of gelflex
  • 50mm layer of latex
  • Cool sleep surface
  • Comfortable sleeping area
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural latex
  • Healthy sleep
  • Premium quality
  • Alleviates any stresses and strains
  • Removable mattress cover


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Ext. Length (cm) 190
Ext. Height (cm) 25
Ext. Width (cm) 90

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