Birlea Furniture Double Mattresses

Our range of double mattresses from Birlea are all extremely high quality and offer something for everyone, so you’re sure to find something to suit you, no matter what your sleeping preference is.

There are a number of different types available, from pocket springs for those who like a traditional mattress, to memory foam for people who love using modern innovation to help them get a good rest. Our hypo-allergenic mattresses will also allow you to get a good night’s sleep without worrying about your allergies.

We offer a range of firmness levels, so if you have a bad back and need something firm - or just want to sink into a fluffy cloud - we’ve got you covered. We also have no turn options, so you don't have to worry about lifting a heavy mattress - these mattresses stay as good as new for their lifetime, without being flipped.

If you want a great night's sleep, take a look at a Birlea mattress today.
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