Birlea Furniture High Sleeper Beds

Birlea high sleeper beds are perfect if your little one has outgrown their children’s bed and wants something a little bit more grown up. These beds are perfect for small spaces as they come with built-in furniture underneath while only taking up the same amount of space as a single bed. Perfect for schoolchildren, our high sleepers have desks where homework can be completed. The storage boxes and shelves are ideal for tidying away toys, books and paperwork.

These high sleepers are available in a variety of colours to suit any style of home, whether modern or traditional. Parents will appreciate the stylish real wood finishes that will look elegant for years to come. High sleepers from Birlea have ladders that are safe and easy on little feet, meaning you can be rest assured your child will be safe while feeling like the queen or king of their own castle. They come with fast delivery, so order today and transform your child’s room now.
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