Birlea Furniture Single Beds

If you are looking for a new single bed then take heed of this warning: if you choose a Birlea Furniture Single Bed your task might not be so easy. The reason? Because there's so much choice!

Gone are the days when the selection was restricted to a couple of styles. Birlea Furniture Single Beds encompass great aesthetics with superlative comfort and an emphasis on great attention to detail. Choose between metal finishes or wood - and then look at the different designs and colourways.

Any one of these beds will add style and panache to your choice of bedroom decor and will complement your colour scheme. It won't matter if your preference lies with the warm, honeyed tones of pine or with the sleek lines of powder-coated metal because, as well as their impressive quality, they also have a great price in common, free delivery and a 12-month guarantee.
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