Breasley Euro Single Mattresses

Breasley's Euro single mattresses are the perfect option for your guest room or for a children's room. Breasley have been manufacturing foam products for over 40 years, and they are now one of the UK's leading memory and reflex foam manufacturers, meaning that any product coming from them will benefit from all of this expertise to produce some of the best mattresses on the market.

Additionally, Breasley use high grade components during manufacture which are fully hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, meaning you should always get a great night's sleep.

Not only do you get fantastic value for money from Bedz 'R' Us for such a category-leading brand, you also get to take advantage of some of the best memory foam on the market. So, look no further than these mattresses. With our free next day delivery on selected items and free delivery on all items, there's no reason not to get one.
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