DuraBeds Small Double Beds

For those who want a double bed, but have a room in which space is at a premium, DuraBeds has the perfect range of small double beds for you to choose from.

Choose from a wide variety to find the right blend of comfort, support and style. Even DuraBeds' small double divan beds comfortably sleep two and offer a range of benefits such as a medium to firm feel, for utmost orthopaedic support.

If you have discomfort sleeping due to allergies or asthma, a hypoallergenic bed could be the right fit for you. For optimal comfort combined with sturdy support, the Pocket Plus Memory range uses pocket springs and memory foam - perfect for restless sleepers.

With a range of styles and additional storage options available, this range offers the flexibility to be at home in almost any bedroom. And here at Bedz 'R' Us we offer free delivery on all DuraBeds' products, meaning all you have to do is find the right bed for you.
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