Flair Furnishings Midsleeper Beds

The superb midsleeper beds from Flair Furnishings are perfect for little ones transitioning to grown-up beds, and for not-so-little ones wanting more space. These midsleeper beds are brilliant solutions for when space is at a premium, and can be tailored to you and your needs - whether you want a fun hideaway hole, a practical working space or more storage. The midsleeper range from Flair Furnishings helps to meet a whole range of requirements in one well designed, high quality package.

Choose from our range of midsleepers with bright and fresh natural finishes, sturdy side stairs, and plenty of storage. We also offer midsleepers that not only have great storage options and side stairs, but also have a piped trim available in two options - pink or blue. Equally, browse our selection of midsleepers with built-in shelves, under-bed drawers and pull-out desks, leaving tons of space for toys, games, crafts, and activities. Make sure your child's bedroom is as fun as they are with Flair Furnishings.
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