Gautier Midsleeper Beds

Beds from Gautier are all about versatility. The designs, being both fun and functional, create not just a sleeping area but an extra dimension in the bedroom to cater to different needs.

For rooms with limited space, the single Gautier midsleeper beds provide ample storage space. A storage bed not only provides an elevated sleeping area for your child but can include cubby holes, drawers and shelving to keep your child's belongings neatly tidied away.

Consider a drawer underneath the bed that pulls out providing plenty of room for extra bedding or clothes. A mattress in the drawer turns it into a spare bed when your child's playmate stays overnight.

Or go for a bed with shelving, cubby holes and drawers underneath. Your child will love climbing up a staircase-style ladder to get into bed. For your child's very own private study space, a desk incorporated into the bed frame is perfect. Whatever you choose, Gautier midsleeper beds will leave your child with a smile at bedtime.
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