Haani Furniture Single Mattresses

Haani Furniture are a well-respected company, especially for their range of children's beds and mattresses. The fresh, funky designs they offer are always popular with kids and are great for encouraging them to enjoy bedtime.

Their kiddies single mattresses are no exception, with a choice of bright colours and fun feel. Kids of all ages love bright colours so this is definitely a mattress that your little one will not mind sleeping on!

The 13.5 gauge spring and medium firmness means that these mattresses will support your child superbly while asleep, but still be comfortable enough for them to rest on. With a micro quilted design, they have all the features and durability that parents need from a mattress.

With a great low price and next day delivery available, this is the perfect mattress range to enable your little angel to get the good night's sleep they need to be at their best.
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