Kids Avenue High Sleeper Beds

The stylish and novel design of Kids Avenue high sleeper beds will have kids excited for bedtime and desperate to go to their rooms! They might even make them more eager to finish their homework, too.

Not only are high beds more stimulating for growing kids, the urban highsleeper design is the best way to maximise space in your children’s bedrooms. By raising the bed off the ground, there is room for additional furniture to occupy the floor space underneath. Choose exactly how you’d like to make the most of this new-found space with our variety of different furniture options. You could have a super comfortable and stylish futon, acting as a snug reading corner and doubling up as a spare bed for sleepovers. Or you could choose a fixed desk to make the perfect area for craft activities or finishing homework.

All of our highsleeper beds come with stylish flat-rung ladders which are safe and comfortable to climb both up and down. The mattresses are enclosed with panels on all sides so that children can’t fall out, and all beds are under 2 metres tall, ensuring that there is plenty of space to sit up without banging your head on a standard ceiling.

All beds are finished to an extremely high standard in a stylish white or natural pine, perfect for any bedroom theme.
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