Limelight Beds Highsleepers

Sometimes a bed needs to be more than just a bed, and with the high sleepers from Limelight, you can not only give your child an exciting and well crafted bed, but you can give them a handy place to study at the same time. High sleepers cleverly combine the two, meaning they can enjoy privacy whilst they work on their homework underneath the bed, and when it's bedtime, they simply climb the safe ladder to their raised sleeping base.

As with all limelight beds, the high sleepers have been expertly designed and can fit into pretty much any child's bedroom, no matter what decor or theme they currently have in the room. So, if you've been looking for a convenient way to give your child an exciting and private place to study, but simply don't have the extra room, a high sleeper from Limelight could be the perfect solution!
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