Limelight Beds Super King Size Beds

When you want plenty of room to relax in bed – without a huge price tag – then the Limelight range of supportive and comfortable Super King frames is the ideal solution.

Super King frames are the largest widely available type of beds – measuring 72" x 78" (6 by 6.5 feet). It means you get all that additional room without having to commission a specially made frame. With the Limelight range, you don’t have to compromise on comfort or quality to gain that bed with extra sleep space.

The Limelight Super King Size frames come in a choice of materials (and therefore colours), including wood, metal and faux leather, but all crafted to be strong and durable as well attractive. There is even a choice of styles if you are looking for a super king size bed, as the Limelight range offers tall headboards, ottomans for storage value, sprung slatted bases for comfort and foot ends for an attractive finish.

So, you could say this is a range that’s easy on the eye, easy on the pocket, and easy to sleep in if you need an extra wide bed.
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