Parisot Single Beds

Discover beautiful single beds from French manufacturers Parisot. Renowned for their fantastic range of quality styles and finishes, Parisot offer real-world solutions for modern families. From contemporary and sleek, to more traditional designs, Parisot have something to suit every interior scheme. Optional extras and integrated storage solutions such as under-bed drawers and over-bed desks add to the appeal and functionality of their products. Safety has always been a key design consideration for Parisot beds so you can rest assured that whatever design you choose, your bed will be a safe, stylish and comfortable place to sleep. Our full range of Parisot single beds is presented here. Simply choose your ideal single bed model, then customise the finish and colour, adding any additional storage options to create a bespoke bed which suits your bedroom perfectly. Both affordable and with outstanding design, the Parisot single bed collection is designed to take your room from bedroom to sleeping sanctuary.
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  1. Parisot Easy Single Bed
    Multiple Colours Multiple Colours

    Parisot Easy Single Bed

    RRP: £179.99 | Save £60.00 (33%)
    • Headboard panel insert
    • Simple design
    • White, coffee or bruges finish
  2. Mademoiselle Single Bed

    Mademoiselle Single Bed

    RRP: £199.99 | Save £40.00 (20%)
    • White and purple melanine
    • Subtle, modern design
    • Matching furniture available
  3. Parisot Battle Single Bed

    Parisot Battle Single Bed

    RRP: £269.99 | Save £100.00 (37%)
    • Oak and white finish
    • Sport theme
    • Optional accessories
  4. Parisot Tatoo Single Bed

    Parisot Tatoo Single Bed

    RRP: £269.99 | Save £90.00 (33%)
    • Dark grey and pink finish
    • Rose tattoo design motif
    • Modern style
  5. Parisot Fabric Single Bed

    Parisot Fabric Single Bed

    RRP: £299.99 | Save £110.00 (36%)
    • Army style print
    • Underbed drawer
    • Additional storage available
  6. Parisot Fashion Single Bed

    Parisot Fashion Single Bed

    RRP: £299.99 | Save £100.00 (33%)
    • White finish
    • Purple detailing
    • Matching furniture available
  7. Parisot Sacha Single Bed

    Parisot Sacha Single Bed

    RRP: £289.99 | Save £90.00 (31%)
    • White lacquered finish
    • Contemporary style
    • Perfectly lined edge
  8. Parisot Smoozy Compact Bed
    Multiple Colours Multiple Colours

    Parisot Smoozy Compact Bed

    RRP: £299.99 | Save £100.00 (33%)
    • Whitewash finish
    • Blue or pink trim
    • Underbed drawers
  9. Parisot Lovely Light Single Bed

    Parisot Lovely Light Single Bed

    RRP: £299.99 | Save £100.00 (33%)
    • Integrated storage
    • White finish
    • Black detailing
  10. Parisot Sleep Storage Day Bed

    Parisot Sleep Storage Day Bed

    RRP: £439.99 | Save £110.00 (25%)
    • Built-in storage drawers
    • Integrated shelving
    • Contemporary design
    Best Seller
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