Steens For Kids Childrens Beds

Welcome to Steens for Kids, a new and exciting childrens bed manufacturer. Using the classic modular building system and state of the art manufacturing equipment, Steens For Kids Beds have designed a range of beds that can grow or shrink and adapt to your current needs easily and affordably. We are offering these beds as single beds, 2 designs of midsleepers and a highsleeper but you can construct any combination you want! Different finishes are available on all Steens For Kids Beds including solid white, natural (pine) and white-wash. Whatever the decor of your child's current room, Steens for Kids Beds have a finish that will compliment your existing design. Produced in Europe, Steens Beds are manufactured responsibly from solid pine and designed to fit into the decor of as many childrens bedrooms as possible. Being manufactured in Europe, Steens For Kids Beds are designed to fit a standard European size mattress.
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