Steens For Kids High Sleeper Beds

These beds are incredibly good value and are perfect for making your little ones feel more grown up and independent. Give them more of their own space and make bedtime all the more exciting with one of these amazing high sleeper beds.

Steens For Kids High Sleeper Beds are all available in multiple colours, giving you the choice of natural wood, whitewashed wood or plain white. So whatever the colour scheme of your children’s bedroom, you’ll find the perfect bed to match.

The ladder to get in and out of bed is chunky and sturdy, perfect for little hands and feet! The sides are high enough to protect your little ones and keep them safe and sound asleep.

Choose which items of furniture to place underneath the bed according to your child’s favourite hobbies. Will it be bookshelves for avid readers, wardrobes for budding fashion icons, a spare bed for those who can’t resist a sleepover or a desk with drawers so that your child can’t wait to get stuck into their homework?
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