Sweet Dreams High Sleeper Beds

High sleepers from Sweet Dreams are the perfect beds for parents looking for space and practicality in their child's bedroom.

Tall bedframes ensure space is maximised underneath the bed and in the room overall, and a simple assembly makes getting your child's room ready for them to enjoy even easier.

High sleepers allow children to have a work or play space below the mattress frame while sleeping in an elevated single bed. Children can reach the sleeping space by using a secure ladder that makes getting in and out of bed fun and easy. If storage space is an issue, a high sleeper is a practical bed for houses or flats.

For over 25 years, Sweet Dreams has manufactured the best in beds in the UK. The company has continued to make high-quality products that are not only comfortable, but look great in homes. A high sleeper for your child's bedroom from Sweet Dreams is the perfect addition to your child's dream room.
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