Time For Bed Small Double Beds

Small double beds are perfect for individuals who need a more spacious sleeping surface than a single bed can provide but don’t want to expend valuable floor-space on a full double bed. If you have a compact bedroom or want to create a sleeping area that feels open and spacious, a small double bed might be exactly what you need.

Time For Bed design and make their small double beds to the highest possible standards in West Yorkshire using affordable production methods. As a result, we can offer them to you at great prices and guarantee their impeccable quality.

The divan beds in this range come with high-quality headboards and mattresses, including memory foam mattresses. They are also designed to anticipate and meet your specific requirements. The range includes orthopaedically designed beds for individuals who need perfect support, hand-tufted beds for those who need additional comfort and an even sleeping surfacing and even water-proof beds.

If you need a high-quality, compact double bed but don’t want to overstretch your budget, we recommend taking a look at our Time For Bed's small double beds. You’re sure to find what you need.
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  1. Miami King Size Bed

    The 3000 Pocket Spring Organic Pillowtop Small Double Mattress

    RRP: £299.99 | Save -£20.00 (-6%)
    • Approx 12-13" Height
    • 3000 Pocket spring
    • Organic pillowtop
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