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Hexagon Cool Blue Small Single Mattress

Hexagon Cool Blue Small Single Mattress

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ORTHOPAEDIC SPRUNG & MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS. The sprung memory foam mattress is an exceptional value deep mattress bursting with quality fillings. Designed to help you drift off to the land of nod, this quality mattress comprises a mixture of hypo-allergenic fillings including a generous layer of 65 kg/m3 memory foam woven into cover. The individual pocket springs help spread bodyweight evenly giving a luxurious quality feel to the mattress. Pocket springs work independently ensuring targeted support for total comfort. Pocket springs are especially ideal if you are sharing a bed as they ensure you do not roll together when sleeping. Memory foam conforms to the contours of the body providing unbeatable support to where it is needed most. This is done by spreading your body weight out evenly over the surface of the mattress resulting in less pressure on key areas of the body such as the back and neck. Full support is provided from head to toe guaranteeing you a great night's sleep. The mattress has a quality Belgian knitted 'cool touch' surface which provides a luxurious feel. This surface has been micro quilted to hold the generous layers of fillings firmly in place. Cooltouch® technology helps solve the problem of heat build-up. Cooltouch® fabric allows greater evaporation, moving moisture away from the body ensuring you are kept cool and dry during sleep.

Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations, rolled mattress


  • Small single mattress
  • Orthopaedic pocket spring
  • 1" Memory foam layer
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Cool touch cover
  • Rolled mattress
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Ext. Length (cm) 190
Ext. Height (cm) 23
Ext. Width (cm) 75

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