Guest / Lofted Suitable Mattresses

Treat your guests to a comfortable nights sleep with the perfect guest mattress. Due to the nature of fold up and hideaway beds a guest bed mattress must not exceed a certain depth otherwise it just will not fit. All of the guest bed mattresses in this section have been specifically chosen to offer a comfy place for your guest to sleep and also to ensure that your hideaway bed can actually hide away. With such an extensive range of guest mattresses you can be assured that we will have the perfect guest mattress for your requirements and budgets. Safety requirements of lofted beds require that mattresses used do not exceed the maximum mattress depth marking, so your loved ones will remain safe during sleep. In this section these mattresses have been specifically chosen to not exceed these maximum depth requirements. All of our loft bed mattresses and guest bed mattresses come with free delivery.
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Here at BedzRus we understand that purchasing a mattress online can be difficult as ideally you would want to test it out before purchasing, however if you do need any assistance or advice choosing a guest bed mattress or a lofted bed mattress then give our friendly team a call and they will be more than happy to offer their expert advice.